Mobile fares 2020

From 2020 we are removing the discounts on fares when paying by contactless, Swift Pay As You Go or on our mobile app. 

The one-week travelcard is being reduced from £17.90 down to £17.50. The group ticket will still be £2 cheaper when purchased through the mobile app (£6 on app vs £8 cash).

Mobile prices 2020
2019 mobile price2020 mobile price
Adult single£2.30£2.40
Adult daysaver£4.50£4.60
Adult daysaver after 9.30am£3.90£4
1 week ticket£17.90LOWER PRICE £17.50
4 week ticket£63.90£65.50
1 week Black Country ticket£15.95£16.20
4 week Black Country £55.90£56.50
Group mTicket£6PRICE FROZEN £6