n-Network Transport Use Information

Where can I use my n-bus and n-network ticket or Travelcard?

On Buses

n-network and n-bus tickets and Travelcards are accepted by most operators running buses within the West Midlands County during the times they are valid. Night services and certain special services are excluded. Please see www.networkwestmidlands.co.uk for details of participating operators.

On Metro

n-network tickets and Travelcards (except n-network zone 1 and n-network zone 1-2 tickets) are accepted on Metro.

n-bus tickets and Travelcards are only accepted on Metro if they are n-bus Metro Add-On tickets.

On Trains

n-network tickets and Travelcards are accepted for rail travel within the zones specified on the ticket or Travelcard - see www.networkwestmidlands.co.uk for more details