A sight for not-so-sore eyes

Thousands of pairs of prescription glasses and sunglasses left behind on National Express West Midlands buses are being re-used to help people with sight issues to be able to see again.

Glasses left behind by customers are always handed into lost property teams in the hope that they can be reunited with their owners, however if they remain unclaimed they are not wasted and instead donated to an international charity.

Linda Brian is based at the bus operator’s Birmingham Central garage and regularly collects the unclaimed glasses from across all of the company’s garages, then hands them over to Lions Club International. 

Within just three months of receiving the donated glasses, they are cleaned, assessed and shipped out to Lions Club colleagues based in locations across Africa. 

They then match the prescription glasses to local people suffering from a variety of sight issues and donate them for their use, completely free of charge.

Brigette Green, Birmingham Office Branch Manager for Lions Club International, said: 

“We simply cannot get hold of enough of these glasses and National Express West Midlands is our biggest supporter by far. The ongoing and generous support really is making a huge difference to so many people. 

“In this, our centennial year, Lions Club International aim to donate one million glasses to Africa. On behalf of those that National Express has already helped, we are all very grateful for your support.”

Linda Brian, Office Supervisor at National Express West Midlands, said:

“We all know just how expensive these prescription glasses are. However, if the glasses remain unclaimed by their original owner it is great to know that they are not wasted and that they can still be used to provide a valuable benefit for someone else.”

Published 30th October 2017