Birmingham bus driver is a hero

Perry Barr bus driver Desmond Johnson has won an Outstanding Act of Good Citizenship Award from David Jamieson, the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC).

The PCC said:

“My awards are an opportunity to highlight some truly exceptional people. Either through dedicated work or inspirational acts they have all helped to make our region a much better place.” 

Desmond was nominated for helping to save the life of teenager who was thrown under his bus after being hit by a passing car. After making the scene safe, Desmond crawled under the bus and looked after the youngster until the paramedics arrived. 

Desmond explains what happened:

“He had some serious injuries, but I just kept him distracted - talking about football and music until the ambulance arrived. I just acted instinctively and did what any parent would do for a child in distress. I know that all of my colleagues would have done the same. 

“The great news is that I hear he has since gone on to make a full recovery.”

Madi Pilgrim, Director of HR for National Express, said:

“Everyone at National Express is very proud of Desmond. He kept calm and did the right thing.”

Desmond’s heroic act meant he was interviewed by Midlands Today - the local BBC TV news programme. 

“I was more nervous about that than anything else. I just couldn’t believe it when my name was called out as a winner.”

Published 26th July 2017