‘Bus’sy cat gets new home

Kitten abandoned at local Bus garage gets new home

Staff at National Express West Midlands Bordesley Green garage were amazed to find that they had a new tenant - a kitten who had been dropped through their railings by owners who no longer wanted her.

The kitten didn’t remain at the garage long as cat loving manager Karen Baker quickly came to the rescue.

The few week old kitten, who staff have named Lola, was found after several searches sparked by continuous crying coming from undergrowth at the edge of the depot.

Seeing that the kitten had been abandoned Karen Baker National Express West Midlands Payroll Manager took the cat home and nursed it back to full health, alongside Rocky, Rambo and Lucy the cats and Blade the dog.

Karen Baker of National Express West Midlands said:
‘Lola was so cute the only problem we had on finding her was who got to take her home. Luckily it was me and she has really settled in well with the dog and other cats. It is sad to think that someone didn’t want to her but I am so glad she now has a loving home.”

Published 12th July 2012