Lights out on the buses as the West Midlands Remembers

National Express West Midlands joined thousands of local residents to take part in the ‘Lights Out’ event to commemorate the start of the First World War.

Staff at the operator’s Yardley Wood garage placed a candle in a vintage bus with a special 14 destination blind.  The bus stayed at the front of the garage between 10pm – 11pm with a single candle burning on the dashboard.

The candle was lit by some of the hundreds of night workers at the National Express West Midlands garage including engineers, drivers, office staff and cleaners. 

Kerry Jukes, Manager of National Express West Midlands Yardley Wood garage said:

“Staff were really keen to be able to part in the Lights Out initiative despite being at work. It was great to be able to get the vintage bus to the front of the garage, give it a special 14 destination blind, light a candle and give staff a moment to reflect.”

Published 5th August 2014