Local drivers clean up at bus oscars

Paul Jarvis, winner of the the top prize at the bus industry driving awards

When the stars of the bus industry met in Blackpool this month there was a new poster boy who everyone was talking about - National Express Coventry’s Matthew King.

The 20 year old local bus driver was the youngest competitor and won the coveted prize of Best Newcomer.

Competitors have to complete a tough technical course that includes tight chicanes, reversing to within 2 inches of an object and holding your speed at 5mph without sight of a speedometer.

Matthew’s colleague Paul Jarvis (pictured), who drives National Express West Midlands 97 route, is the region’s first bus driver to ever scoop the top prize of £1,500 and the Greenroad Shield.

Following significant investment into their fleet of buses and engineering capability, National Express West Midlands also won The Brian Evans Memorial Trophy for standard of vehicle.

Peter Coates, Managing Director of National Express West Midlands said:
“Everyone at National Express West Midlands is very proud of all of our competitors, especially Paul and Matthew. They scooped up great prizes and showed that buses in the West Midlands are some of the best driven in the country.”

Published 21st September 2012