National Express celebrates Catch the Bus Week

National Express West Midlands is celebrating Catch the Bus Week by offering five days’ travel at a big discount. 

National Express West Midlands has launched a special Catch the Bus Week Regional eDaysaver, preloaded with 5 days’ travel for £15.00, down from the normal price of £19. Anyone can get these from the website using the code CATCH17

Managing Director of National Express West Midlands, Tom Stables, said:

“We know that once people try the bus, they like it, so our special Catch the Bus Week discount is a great opportunity to get on board.

“Buses bring so many benefits to our communities. They bring people together, they improve our health and they boost economic growth. Our buses take a million people to work, to college, to the shops and to see their friends and family every day. 

“Buses are also the answer to the public health emergency that is poor air quality in the West Midlands.”

National Express West Midlands has halved bus exhaust emissions in the last five years and will halve them again in the next couple of years.

The bus company has done this by investing millions of pounds on new buses which are the cleanest, greenest buses on the market.

They have also been fitting hundreds of their oldest buses with new exhaust systems that make the air coming out of the tailpipe cleaner than the air that went in.

Research by Greener Journeys shows that buses bring huge economic benefits. The 3.5 million people in the UK who travel to work by bus generate more than £64 billion of goods and services per year. 

And investment in local bus infrastructure delivers vast rewards. Road congestion currently costs the West Midlands economy more than £2 billion a year. But every £1 spent on local bus priority measures delivers up to £7 in economic benefit. 

Published 30th June 2017