West Mids skul kds re# bus n txt spk

The 704 bus takes thousands of children to schools in Walsall each year but now its number’s up after an innovative idea from students.

Pupils at Barr Beacon School have voted to change the number on their school bus to reflect the text speak many use to refer to their school.

The School Council made up of 50 pupils voted to change the number 704 bus to the number 881, which mimics the initials ‘BB’ which many use as slang to refer to the school. The change takes place today.

The new National Express West Midlands 881 and 788 services take pupils from Park Hall, Yew Tree, Sutton Road and Walsall town centre to the school and back everyday.

The pupil’s decision may need transl8ing for the older generation but will give the youngsters a real sense of pride in the buses that take them to school.

Sunil Mistry, one of the School council representatives said "We really like having the new bus number, and the fact it is unique to our School and relevant to young people."

Jack Kelly, spokesman for National Express West Midlands said: "This is a great thing for the school council to have asked to do and we are really glad we have been able to help. We are also very proud that the youngsters feel such ownership of these services."

Ian Chamberlain, Assistant Headteacher of Barr Beacon School said: "The pupil voice at Barr Beacon plays a big role in our decision making on School issues. We really appreciate National Express West Midlands working with us to give our pupils a say in the services they want and allowing them to suggest a personalised number"

The timetable changes and an animated map of the School’s new bus routes can be found on the Barr Beacon School website

Published 10th June 2013