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2 for 1 admission at the National Sea Life Centre

Save when you travel by bus

Get 2 for 1 admission at the National Sea Life Centre when you travel by bus!

Begin your journey at the National Sea Life Centre in the frozen extremities of the Antarctic and marvel at the cheeky antics of the Gentoo penguins, as they dive beneath the freezing waters and play in their icy home. Meet a crab or starfish at the interactive rock pool, watch the hypnotic, elegant movements of jellyfish and explore the Octopus Hideout, home to some of the most intelligent creatures in the world! 

Venture into the depths of the Amazonian rain forest as you encounter deadly piranhas, poison dart frogs and an electric eel, then plunge underwater as you walk through the UK’s only 360° Ocean Tunnel, surrounded by majestic sharks, shimmering fish and of course, Molokai, the resident giant green sea turtle!

Visit the National Sea Life Centre, Birmingham website for up to date opening times and admission prices.


Sea Life Centre, Birmingham

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