Service 48

The 48 will be modified to include the following routes:

48  Northfield – West Heath – Hawkesley – Cotteridge – Bournville – Selly Oak – QE Hospital / University – Harborne – Bearwood – West Bromwich

Buses will run up to every 30 minutes

27  Harborne – Quinton Road – Weoley Castle – Northfield – Bournville – Kings Heath – Maypole

Buses will run up to every 20 minutes

The good bits: 

+ New direct links between University / QE Hospital to West Heath and Turves Green

+ Buses will run more often between University / QE Hospital and Bournville, Cotteridge, Kings Norton and Hawkesley

The bad bits:

- Gibbins Road in Selly Oak will no longer be served; the nearest alternative stops are located on Harborne Lane, Bristol Road and Weoley Park Road

- Swarthmore Road and Black Haynes Road will no longer be served by National Express West Midlands, but a new route will serve them

Between Northfield and the QE Hospital the 48 will run along a new route through West Heath, Hawkesley, Cotteridge and Bournville, to Selly Oak and QE Hospital. This replaces the 84 and part of the current 27.

The route buses will run along from Northfield is the current 27, using Bristol Road South (passing Northfield Pool & Fitness Centre), Great Stone Road, Woodland Road, Church Hill (passing Northfield Train Station), West Heath Road, Abbeydale Road, Harpers Road, Turves Green, Clunbury Road, Cropredy Road, Lilley Lane, Redhill Road, Braken Way and Longdales Road to Shannon Road in Hawkesley. 

Buses will then continue through Hawkesley (to replace the current 84) along Shannon Road, Masshouse Lane, Pershore Road South (past Kings Norton Train Station), Watford Road, Linden Road and Oak Tree Lane to Selly Oak. The 48 will then carry on along its normal route via QE Hospital, Harborne and Bearwood to West Bromwich.

Towards Northfield, buses will follow the reverse of the above route. 

The link between Northfield, Weoley Castle and Harborne will be served by changes to the 27, that will run up to every 20 minutes between these areas. This route is the same as the current 29.

Castle Road, Middle Park Road, Swarthmore Road and Black Haynes Road will be served by changes to the 39 / 39A run by igo. Full details of this service will be available from shortly.

Links between QE Hospital / University and Weoley Castle will be maintained by the new X21.

Information for those travelling to QE Hospital / University of Birmingham:

The 48 will serve QE Hospital and the University of Birmingham using stops within the hospital main entrance, as well as stops on Vincent Drive, located a short walk away near University train station. The 27 will serve stops on Metchley Lane. 

Bus stops for QE Hospital / University 

New Service Timetables:

Service 27 Timetable - From 22nd July

Service 48 Timetable - From 22nd July

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