Service X20

A brand new Platinum route, the X20, will replace the 98:

Cofton Hackett – Rednal – Longbridge – Northfield – Selly Oak – QE Hospital / University – Birmingham

Buses will run up to every 20 minutes

The good bits:     

+ New X20 offers a direct link from Cofton Hackett to Northfield, University / QE Hospital and Birmingham

+ Bristol Road South will have a new limited stop service to University / QE Hospital and Birmingham

+ New Platinum buses on X20 route, offering premium comfort with extra legroom, wifi and USB points

The bad bits:

- Great Park and parts of Lickey Road will not be served by the new X20 service

The new X20 service towards Birmingham will run slightly differently than previously advertised, in response to feedback from customers since these changes were announced. 

Towards the city, this will run from Cofton Hackett via Groveley Lane, Lowhill Lane, Edgewood Road, Cliff Rock Road and Leach Green Lane, through Rednal to Bristol Road South at Great Park. It will then run a limited stop service through Northfield, Selly Oak and QE Hospital / University, to Birmingham city centre.

From Birmingham the route will run as previously announced; from Bristol Road South it will continue to Cofton Hackett via Ashill Road, Edgewood Road, Lowhill Lane and Grovely Lane.  

Leach Green Lane and Lickey Road will be served by changes to route 19 run by igo. Full details of this service are available from

Information for those travelling to QE Hospital / University of Birmingham

The X20 will serve the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and University of Birmingham using stops on Vincent Drive - located a short walk away (approx. 220m) near University train station - instead of the bus stops within the hospital main entrance. This is due to unpredictable delays caused by queuing traffic, and parking issues within the main hospital entrance. 

Bus stops for QE Hospital / University 

Information for those travelling to Five Ways or the Bath Row area

To ensure we help our passengers reach Five Ways on the new X20 route, minor changes have been made to where this service stops since the service changes were first announced. This is in response to feedback we've received from our customers. 

Towards Birmingham, all buses will stop upon request at Edgbaston Old Church, where it is possible to change onto the 1 service to Five Ways. Click to view a map of this area. 

From Birmingham, all buses will serve all stops on Holloway Head, Bath Row and Wheeleys Road so customers can board where they previously would have. 

New Service Timetables:

Service X20 Timetable - From 22nd July

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