Service X22

Our new Platinum service, the X22, will replace in part, the current 22:

X22  Woodgate – Kitwell – Bartley Green – University / QE Hospital – Birmingham

Buses will run up to every 20 minutes

The good bits: 

+ New and direct links to University / QE Hospital from Kitwell, Bartley Green, Jiggins Lane and Quinton Road

+ New Platinum buses on route X22, offering premium comfort with extra legroom, wifi and USB points

The bad bits:

- Kitwell and Jiggins Lane will no longer have direct buses to Harborne, but most passengers should find it easy to connect to the X22 / 23 along Stonehouse Road or California Way

- Buses will run less often during the day to Kitwell and Jiggins Lane, running every 20 minutes instead of every 15 minutes

The current 22 / 23 will be combined into one, simpler, more frequent route; the new 23. This will run from Newman University via Bartley Green, Romsley Road, Woodgate, Woodgate Valley South, Harborne and Five Ways to Birmingham.

Kitwell and Jiggins Lane - currently served by the 22 - will be served by the new X22. This will run from Woodgate via Kitwell, Romsley Road, Bartley Green, Jiggins Lane, California, Quinton Road and University / QE Hospital to Birmingham.

To help make these buses more reliable, bus stops on Stonehouse Lane and Stonehouse Hill will be moved onto California Way and Northfield Road.

Information for those travelling to QE Hospital / University of Birmingham:

The X22 will serve the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and University of Birmingham using stops on Vincent Drive - located a short walk away near University train station - instead of the bus stops within the hospital main entrance. This is due to unpredictable delays caused by queuing traffic, and parking issues within the main hospital entrance.

Bus stops for QE Hospital / University

New Service Timetables:

Service X22 Timetable - From 22nd July 

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