Swift card

Which Swift Card is right for me?

What are the options?

Swift Card Season Tickets

  • The cheapest way to travel
  • Available online or on our mTicket App
  • You can pay by Direct Debit, Subscription or one off payment
  • Cheaper than
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Swift Card help

My Swift Card isn't working.

1. You will need to try your card on at least 3 buses before contacting us for a replacement.

2. If you are near a Travel Shop...

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e-Daysaver help

Where can I buy an e-Daysaver Swift Card?

You can buy an e-Daysaver Swift Card online here. Once you have your e-Daysaver card, you can then top it up online.


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Activating your Swift purchase

How do I activate the Swift product on my card?

Once you have bought your Swift product, you will need to 'collect' it to your card. This loads your product, whether

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Swift Collectors & Travelshops near me


If you need to get your Swift Card tested, to see why it is not working you can visit one of these travelshops.

We also now provide self-service tablets for customer

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nBus Operators Accepting Swift Cards

The following operators within the West Midlands will accept nBus 1, 4 and 52 week passes. Please note the operators who will not accept Pay As You Go cards.

A Line
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