Flexifares help

Where can I buy a Flexifares Swift card?

You can buy a Flexifares ticket bundle online here. Once you have your Swift card, you can then top it up online. Alternatively, instead of a Swift card you can buy the tickets on your mobile using our mTicket app. 

Where can I top-up my card with more Flexifare day tickets?

You can top up your Flexifares Swift card online here. You can top up with 5 or 10 at a time. If you find that you are travelling more than 3 times per week then you may find it cheaper to sign up for a travelcard or our Flexifares monthly subscription.  

How long are the Flexifare day tickets valid for once I've bought them?

Once you have loaded the Flexifare day tickets onto your Swift card, they will be available to use for 12 months. After 12 months they will expire and you will no longer be able to use them.

Can I use my Flexifare day tickets on other operators buses?

No, these tickets can only be used on National Express West Midlands or National Express Coventry buses.

I've lost my Swift card.

If you lose your Swift card and there were still some Flexifares day tickets left on it, we can replace the card but will have to deduct 1 day ticket from the card to cover admin costs. So please don't lose it! You will need to email smartcards@nationalexpress.com and include your full name, address and date you bought the card. 

Do I need a photocard to go with the smartcard?

No, you do not need a photocard to go with the smartcard.

What do I do if my Flexifares smartcard doesn't work?

If you have tried your smartcard on a few buses and it isn't working, please visit one of our travelshops, who will be able to test it. If they find it still isn't working please contact us or email smartcards@nationalexpress.com for a replacement.