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Ways to pay for my ticket

There are plenty of ways to buy your bus tickets

Published: 30th June 2022

Choose where to get your next ticket from 

We know there are lots of bus tickets to pick from but to make it easier for everyone we also offer you plenty of places to buy them! Here’s a quick guide to buying your next bus ticket. 

Buy online

You’re already on our website, so why not order your tickets while you’re here? This is the place to get the best value tickets such as monthly subscriptions, 18 and under passes, plus Term Plus and Student term passes. 

The majority of subscriptions are delivered onto a Swift card that is posted out to you, your smartcard is your ticket and you simply tap the Swift card on the scanner every time you board the bus! Some tickets will give you the option of having them delivered to a Swift card or our mTicket app (see ‘buy on mobile’ section).

More about Swift cards

Once we’ve loaded your bus pass subscription or tickets onto the Swift card you place it on the scanner every time you get on the bus. 

  • If you’re using a Swift card for Day Saver bundles just place the card onto the scanner to activate a day ticket. You can use your card for the rest of the day on our buses and it will only deduct one day ticket for the rest of the day.
  • You can also load Swift cards with credit to ‘Pay As You Go’ for journeys that way. Swift cards work for adult and child tickets.
  • 16-18 year olds may be entitled to child rate travel with Swift when you have a valid 16-18 photocard.

Buy on mobile

The quickest and easiest way to get tickets is directly from our mTicket app - it lets you buy one in seconds wherever you are. Many different ticket types are available on the app including singles, Day Savers, group tickets and 1 week & 4 week travel, plus you can even buy bus and metro tickets!. 

If you buy the Day Saver bundles you can store these in your wallet and just activate one on the days you want to travel. When you are ready to travel, simply select your ticket, press activate and scan your ticket QR code on the bottom of the red reader on the bus. 

Buy in-store

We understand that some of you prefer to buy in-store so you can now purchase our tickets from a Payzone agent. It’s easy to do and you will still be able to pay for your bus travel with cash or card in the shop. The ticket will be delivered either through our mTicket app on your mobile phone or onto a Swift card

Buy on the bus

There are four easy ways for you to buy your tickets on the bus, using Tap & cap, contactless payments, paying with cash or paying with a Swift Pay As You Go card.

Any ticket that you can buy with cash on the bus can now be bought using your contactless card or device. Simply place your contactless bank card (or the banking app on your phone) on the bus ticket machine and we will issue you a printed ticket. Just like paying with cash, but quicker! From child tickets to special offers like add-ons, you can now buy using contactless. Learn more about contactless here

Hopefully that shows you all the places you can go to get your next bus pass. Take a look at our tickets and prices section for more information about specific ticket types and should you have any other questions please visit our FAQs section for more hints and tips.

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