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Disability awareness and accessibility

Disability awareness & accessibility

Our aim is to create an accessible service which is inclusive of all our customers and their needs.

View and download a copy of our Disability awareness & accessibility policy here.

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Easy access buses

  • A ramp is available for use at the entrance - just ask the driver.
  • All buses have ‘kneeling’ suspension with a low floor and wide doors to allow easy access from most bus stops.
  • Each bus has priority seating areas on board especially for those less able to walk or stand.


  • All our buses are wheelchair accessible
  • There is a dedicated space for a wheelchair on every bus
  • Wheelchairs must be positioned with the brakes on, with the back of the chair against the backrest

Mobility scooters and permits

Mobility scooter users require a permit to confirm that their scooters are approved and they are trained for use on National Express or participating operators buses.

  • The permit will be personalised for the individual passenger and only issued after the scooter has been authorised and the user has received appropriate training.
  • Only certain types of scooter will be permitted on buses.
  • The permit is NOT a form of payment ; the passenger must pay cash or show a valid travelcard or concessionary pass, which should be recorded in the normal way.
  • The pass does not entitle the passenger to any priority over other passengers.
  • The wheelchair / pushchair / mobility scooter bays are available to all passengers on a first come, first served basis. Drivers are requested to ask passengers to move if a mobility scooter (or wheelchair user) wishes to board.
  • Mobility Scooters are not allowed on NX buses unless the passenger has and shows the valid permit to the driver.
  • For any enquiries or to arrange an assessment please email or call 0121 254 7272, option 4.

Full details of the scheme are set out in the CPT Code for the Use and Acceptance of Mobility Scooters on Low Floor Buses leaflet.

Website accessibility

This website has been developed with accessibility in mind and the following features have been implemented on our site:
• Skip to content, menu and top of page links to help screen readers access content quickly.
• Clear logical navigation.
• A full sitemap to find content quickly.
• CSS to separate style from content so that the same content is available to ALL viewers regardless of how the content is accessed.
• Sizeable text for comfortable reading.
• Standards compliant, valid, semantic markup to ensure compatibility across many browsers, screen readers, alternative media-types and assistance software.


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