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What is mTicket?

This mobile app is a quick and easy way to purchase tickets across all of our bus routes, with mTicket you can travel the way you want, wherever you are and purchase a ticket in seconds.

Plus, with the app's handy ticket wallet you'll never lose your ticket again, simply view your mTicket and click 'activate', then show it to our driver and away you go. 

Most ticket types are available including single, group, 1 week and 4 week travel.

mTicket App

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Day mTicket

Enjoy travel on all of our buses, all day.

Coventry adult mTicket
all day £4
Coventry & West Midlands adult mTicket
all day £4.60

Group ticket

Travel for up to 5 people together or 2 adults + 4 children for less.

Group mTicket
after 6pm £4
Group mTicket 
all day £7

Our other day tickets

Other tickets that are available from our drivers that include:

  • Nbus ticket for travel across multiple other bus operators in the West Midlands
  • 1 day metro/bus ticket
  • n-Network Daytripper and One-Day Cards

Frequently asked questions

Find out more information about mTickets by going to our FAQ's section, just click below.

mTicket FAQ's

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