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Customer charter

Our promise to you

Our promise to deliver the best service possible to you

This customer charter has been developed in partnership with Transport for West Midlands, part of the West Midlands Combined Authority.

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Safe and secure

Our drivers are the best trained in the country – and regular assessments keep them that way. All of our buses have satellite tracking and cab radios, with round-the-clock support available. We work with Transport for West Midlands to keep you safe, providing inspectors, police officers and state-of-the-art CCTV.


We clean our buses every night, and have mobile cleaners to help reduce litter during the day. Bus shelters are cleaned regularly by Transport for West Midlands.


We will do everything in our power to ensure your bus turns up on time. We are working with Transport for West Midlands and local councils to build new bus lanes and further reduce traffic jams. If your journey is not up to scratch, speak to us so we can put things right, including a refund where appropriate.


We offer a range of great value tickets for regular and occasional travellers.


We are easy to talk to: our buses, call centres and shops have smart, knowledgeable and friendly staff. We also work closely with the staff at Transport for West Midlands bus stations. Together with Transport for West Midlands, we take complaints seriously and fully investigate all feedback.


If the bus is delayed, we keep you informed. When we change services, we inform you well in advance. We won’t make major changes without consulting local people. Our websites and apps always feature up to date timetables and we work with Transport for West Midlands to keep bus stop information up to date.


All our buses have a low floor to make access easy for everyone. Simply ask our driver if you need time to sit down before the bus pulls away.


We have a series of commitments as part of our Transforming Bus Travel partnership with Transport for West Midlands, including new buses, value fares, smartcards, faster journey times and more cleaning.


At National Express we take our responsibility as the one of the biggest private employers in the West Midlands seriously, and offer training, apprenticeships and hundreds of job opportunities every year.

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