Buses to & from Coventry Business Parks & Industrial Estates

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Business Parks & Industrial Estates
Business Park/Industrial EstateRoute No.Monday-Friday Peak FrequencyMonday-Friday Daytime FrequencyJourney Time from City Centre
Alliance Trading Estate5every 30 minsevery 30 mins30 mins
Bayton Road Industrial Estate20every 10-20 minsN/A22 mins
Binley Industrial Estate13Aevery 20 minsN/A20 mins
Broad Lane Trading Estate6Aevery 20 minsevery 20 mins27 mins
Coventry University Technology Park21every 10 minsevery 10 mins8 mins
Cross Point Business Park8every 30 minsevery 30 mins32 mins
Middlemarch Business Park27Aevery 30 minsN/A21 mins
Prologis Park16 / 16Aevery 10 minsevery 10 mins
Walsgrave Triangle Business Park8every 30 minsevery 30 mins32 mins
Westwood Business Park19every 15-30 minsN/A27 mins

Associated Routes

5 13A 19 20 21 6A 8 16 16A 27A