Buses to & from Schools in Coventry

Buses to and from Schools in Coventry

Information is valid from 22nd September 2019

Buses to and from Schools in Coventry
SchoolDirect BusesBuses stopping within a short walk
Barrs Hill School16
Bishop Ullathorne School9, 9A, 9S
Blue Coat School23, 23S, 52
Cardinal Newman School16
Cardinal Wiseman School8, 8A, 8S, 10S, 21S
Cauldon Castle School4
Coundon Court School5(To & From Norman Place Road)
Ernesford Grange School23
Finham Park School9, 9S
Foxford School6A20C
Grace Academy88A, 20C
King Henry VIII School10A, 11, 12X, 5399, 9A, X30
Lyng Hall School10, 10A
President Kennedy School13, 13A
Stoke Park School4, 8, 8A, 9, 9A, X30
West Coventry Academy6S, 57, 58, 596, 6A
Westwood Academy4A, 10A4
Whitley Academy21, 21A(To & From London Road)

Last Updated on 20th August 2019

Associated Routes

10 13 13A 21 58 59 6 6A 8 8A 10S 11 12X 6S 9S 10A 20C 57 52 4 4A 5 21A 23