Buses to & from Schools and Colleges

Going back to school or college soon? Please see below for a list of schools an colleges in the area and the National Express Coventry bus services that serve them or stop close by.

Simply click on the bus number at the bottom of the page to get more information on the timetable, frequency and the route.

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Coventry School Bus Routes
School: Route No.
Barrs Hill School 16, 16A
Bishop Ullathorne Catholic School & Humanities College 99A9S
Blue Coat Church of England School & Music College 16, 772
Cardinal Newman Catholic School: A Specialist Arts & Community College 16, 16A
Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School & Language College 8, 8A, 10, 21S
Cauldon Castle School 4
Coundon Court School 5 (stops close by on Norman Place Road)
Ernesford Grange School 16, 16A
Finham Park College 9
Foxford School 6A
Grace Academy 8

King Henry VIII School
11, 11U & 12X (stop outside school on Spencer Road)
8, 8A, 9, 9A, (stop close by at Rail Station in Station Square)
Lyng Hall School 10
President Kennedy School & Community College 13
Stoke Park School 8, 8A, 9, 9A
Tile Hill Wood School & Language College 6S, 23S, 58, 18,
Westwood Academy 18, 18A, 19
Whitley Academy 21, 27A
Woodlands Academy 10, 23C

Coventry College Bus Routes
College Route No. Monday-Friday Peak Frequency Monday-Friday Daytime Frequency
City College 6, 6A every 10 mins every 10 mins
21 every 10 mins every 10 mins
Henley College 10 every 15 mins every 15 mins
20A every 30 mins every 30 mins
Hereward College 6, 6A every 10 mins every 10 mins

Updated: July 2016

Associated Routes

4 5 10 13 19 21 21S 23S 58 59 772 6 6A 8 8A 9 9A 16 16A 18 18A 20A 10S 58A 11 23C 12X 11U