Service Changes

Coventry timetable & route changes from 30th August 2020

From Sunday 30th August there will be some changes to buses in Coventry including extra journeys, more buses, route and number changes, electric buses and frequency increases. 

Changes to Coventry rail station bus stops from 12th July

From Sunday 12th July the bus stops at Coventry rail station will be relocating from their current position on the cobbles to the former bus interchange on the left hand side as you leave the station building.

Timetable increases from 5th July 2020

From Sunday 5th July we will be increasing service levels in and around Coventry on routes 3/3A, 5, 7, 10A, 13/13A, 16 and 21/21A making it easier to practice social distancing onboard.

X1 timetable increases from 14th June 2020

From Sunday 14th June route X1 will have more buses back in service so that people returning to work can safely social distance on board.

Timetable increases from 31st May 2020

From Sunday 31st May we are increasing the number of buses on nearly all of our Coventry routes.   

NEW extra early morning journey on route 20A from 11th May 2020

From Monday 11th May 2020, a NEW extra early morning journey will be introduced on route 20A.