X1 timetable increases from 14th June 2020

From Sunday 14th June route X1 will have more buses back in service so that people returning to work can safely social distance on board.

Shops selling clothes, toys, books and electronics are allowed to open on Monday 15th June. So we will be returning to about 85% of pre-coronavirus levels, with buses arriving more frequently.

In this ‘new normal’, we are asking people travelling to please stay apart to stay safe. We are continually gathering data from the buses and our inspectors are out patrolling busy areas. We have a mini-fleet of “sweeper” vehicles on standby every day to double up where it gets busy so there are more buses available, giving more space on board each bus.

As the lockdown continues to ease, we will adjust our services to match our customers’ needs as best we can.

We have worked closely with Transport for West Midlands through the Bus Alliance to co-ordinate these latest changes.

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