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Activity stop

Tonnes of bus related fun

There's only one stop for bus themed activities!

Struggling to keep the kids entertained? We have you covered with our activity stop page.

Activity stop will feature some of our favourite bus themed activities for you to have a little fun with alone, or with family and friends - no matter what your age. View and download all of our free bus themed activities below. 

Activity Stop

Quick fun

Looking for a way to lose a few mins in some bus-related fun? Check out our quick brain teasers below and see if you can get them all right!

Quick fun

Find the Platinum

Which letter helps find the way to the Platinum bus?

Word scrambler

Can you unscramble these Coventry locations? Click on the image to reveal the answers.

Emoji quiz

How well do you know Coventry? Can you guess these 8 places using just the emoji icons below.

Click on the image below to reveal the answers.

Activity worksheets

The perfect activities to engage your little ones' creative sides. Download each worksheet below for some simple art projects whether you're at home or on the go!

Activity Worksheets

Bus iSpy

iSpy with my little eye... We have created our very own bus version of iSpy that can be used as a game. Play the game using the sheet or looking out of a window with family when at home.


Bus bingo

Eyes down... It's a Platinum Bus! Fancy a game of Bingo with a twist? Pick a playing card each. Cut out the pictures from the sheet provided and place them in a hat or bag. When you draw them out, mark off the image on your bingo sheet.

The first person to collect three in a line vertically or horizontally wins!

Download bingo master sheet

Download bingo playing cards set

Design your very own bus (and passengers!)

Aspiring to be the next best transport designer? Design your very own bus and create your own passengers to travel inside it.

Need some inspiration? Draw your family, create a unicorn bus or even design monster passengers!



Colour in your own bus

Print out, get your pens and colour away - It's that easy. Download our colour in sheet below. Don't forget to share it with us!


Electric bus activity sheet

A whole worksheet dedicated to our newest fleet - electric buses! 

Colour in, find the words and spot the differences. It really is a great activity for when you're at home or on the go.


Playdough bus mat

Use your Playdough to create a bus. Don't forget about the driver and passengers on board too!

Don't have your own Playdough at home? Learn how to make your own here.


Bus role play pack

Filled with tickets, timetables, labels and banners to help you create a stimulating, creative and educational bus role-play fun activity.

Bus tip - Role play being a bus driver or a customer.



Colour in our pride bus - by numbers!

Print out, get your pens and colour away - It's that easy. Download our pride bus colour in by numbers sheet below. Don't forget to share it with us!


Seasonal activity worksheets

The perfect seasonal themed activities to engage your little bunnies, monsters or elves creative sides. Seasonal themed activities that are perfect for when you're at home or on the go!

Seasonal Activity Worksheets


Download our exclusive Easter activity sheet below.



Download our exclusive Halloween activity sheet below.



Download our exclusive Christmas activity sheet below.


Zoom video chat backgrounds

To brighten up your Zoom/Video chat background we have created some bus images that can be downloaded and used!

If you are using Zoom, click on the video icon on the bottom left of your screen and select 'Choose virtual background' and upload the image you have chosen.

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