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5 'stay at home' activities for adults

Helping you keep busy and motivated

It’s come to that time where maybe the novelty of having spare time and being at home a lot more than usual has got a little boring. We’ve put together a list of things that you can do at home to help keep you busy and motivated.

1. Organise your home

Having a spring clean and decluttering is one of those things that never really disappears from the list, or if we’re being honest it usually stays at the bottom! Feel inspired by Marie Kondo or other organising queens and kings, and organise your clothes, pantry or garage. This blog really had us inspired!

2. Self care

Things may be extra busy or may have even slowed down for you the past few weeks, but simple actions like getting fresh air, taking regular breaks (if you're working from home) and eating healthy can help contribute positive vibes during uneasy times. Good Housekeeping has a lovely guide packed with ideas to help you with self care.

3. Exercise

The nights have already started to get lighter, and spring air is on the horizons, but in the meantime it’s still a shame to waste your daily walk. Turn left, when you would normally turn right, Go for a jog around the block or even dust off that yoga mat and use your back garden (if you have one) as a meditation studio. Living Well UK have a calendar of virtual classes you can join and many of them are free activities.

4. Practice

Never had time to perfect that cut crease eye make-up look? Is there a project in the garage that you have never got around to actually finishing? Now is the time to perfect this. Set some time out each day or week to work on a passion project or practice your hobbies. When you have finished, the feeling of accomplishment will be worth it!

5. Stay connected

Sometimes staying connected is a little hard when you don’t live in the same household. There’s never been a better time to just pick up the phone and have a good old chat and pre-plan that end of isolation gathering.

Looking for an online get-together? Macmillan has a whole page dedicated to an online virtual games night to share with family and friends. Find out more here.


Have you got any more lockdown activities we can include? We’d love to hear about them! Join in on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Published: 15th February 2021

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