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Blue Monday: What is it?

Discover how you can add some positivi-tea to Blue Monday.

Published: 14th January 2022

Blue Monday: What is it? 

We have all heard of Blue Monday, but what exactly is it? Blue Monday is the third Monday of January and believed to be the ‘most depressing day of the year.’ 

It is called Blue Monday because this is the time of year where we are all feeling our lowest; caused by a combination of cold weather, back to work blues and the guilt built up from already breaking those New Year’s Resolutions…

So how do we tackle Blue Monday? 

We have put together our very own list to beat those Monday Blues and add some positivity to have a feel good Monday instead! 

Go out and about

We are home to some of the most beautiful spaces in the West Midlands, so head over to your local park for a walk or even a run and admire the greenery! 

It may be cold and miserable outside, but getting some fresh air is exactly what you need to clear your mind and get your daily dose of vitamin D. 

A good form of physical activity, even a 10 minute brisk walk, helps to produce endorphins known as happy hormones which also helps to relieve pain, stress and anxiety. Not only will this improve your mood, but also help with your general well-being and you will feel better about yourself! 

And if parks aren’t your scene, why not explore your local town? If you're stuck for ideas or want to visit somewhere new, check out our places to go page. Hop on our bus! Say hello and smile at a driver or passenger today on the way. Did you know when you smile, you trigger your brain's reward mechanism, making it produce happy hormones. So one smile can completely shift your mood and others too! 

Wear something colourful and bright

Simply changing your outfit and wearing something colourful can be a massive mood booster. Wearing the right colours can make you feel radiant, fresh and healthier. 

Fun fact: Warm colours like red help to evoke feelings of happiness, optimism and energy! 

Self care comes first

Many lockdowns may have passed, but self care will always be important. 

Always take some time out for yourself, and fill up your day with some self care activities to help alleviate your mind and support your wellbeing. 

  • Book an appointment for a relaxing massage. 
  • Unwind with yoga and meditation. 
  • Engage with light exercise routines. 
  • Cook a nourishing meal. 
  • Watch your favourite film or listen to your favourite podcast.
  • Why not invest in some good quality indoor plants? As the majority of us are working from home, sometimes having indoor plants in your home or office is proven to relieve stress, boost creativity and improve the air quality in your home too! 
  • You could even write a self-care journal. Scribble your thoughts onto paper; journaling is an easy way to spend time checking in with yourself! Our favourite is the ‘Self Care Journal’ by The Self Care Kit. 

Smash some goals

Instead of setting resolutions, why not break down and set some small smart goals instead?

Creating a to-do list is highly satisfying. This will be much more achievable to accomplish and you will feel great about it too! 

Brew Monday - Reach out, talk more and check in on others

Making time for a cuppa and catching up with your loved ones is a great way of spreading some positivi-tea! 

The Samaritans are reminding everyone, instead of having a Blue Monday, have a Brew Monday. Rather than feeling blue, start a conversation over a brew! Why not host your own Brew Monday event, virtually or in person? Something as simple as picking up the phone and checking in with someone you care about can change your day. 


We hope this blog has helped bring some brightness and positivity to your day! How are you tackling Blue Monday? 

If you are in need of a chat don’t be afraid to reach out to friends and family, there’s tonnes of great resources who can help including the Samaritans, MentalHealth.org, Mind and much more.

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