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Coventry Moves together

Your chance to take part in an epic musical premiere

Published: 27th May 2021

Join in on Saturday 5th June 2021

A city-wide celebration, Coventry Moves is the first major moment of our year as UK City of Culture on Saturday 5th June. Coventry Moves will be a playful and engaging introduction to Coventry, its stories, and its people, and will be an opportunity for every home in Coventry to take part. The day-long celebration will tell the story of Coventry’s pioneering identity and how it continues to shape its future and give voice to the many people that call the city their home.

As Coventry Moves draws to a close on Saturday 5th June, Coventry City of Culture Trust is inviting every resident across the city to join an epic musical premiere that can be experienced live from your own home.

At exactly 20:21 in the evening, local and community radio stations will play multiple streams of music, created by composer Dan Jones using recorded voices of Coventry primary school children. When heard together, these separate streams will weave a musical tapestry across the city, which forms one piece of music, the likes of which will have never been heard before. Residents should connect with their neighbours in advance and decide who’s tuning in to which station. This experimental collaboration across different broadcast channels involves BBC CWR, Block Radio, Radio Panj, Hillz FM, Radio Abbey, Fresh, Vanny Radio, Radio Plus and Arawak.

So, at exactly 20:21 on 5th June, using every possible radio device you can find such as portable radios, car stereos, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, Bluetooth speakers and more, the residents of Coventry can come together to create a cloud of sound on their doorsteps as they share in something unique and beautiful.

COVENTRY MOVES TOGETHER - Talk to Neighbours. Tune In. Take Part.

Dan says, “We are turning Coventry and its radio stations into a giant surround sound system brought together by the people of Coventry using every sound source they can lay their hands on; car stereos, phones, TVs, radios and more. The more people who participate, the more magical the effect will become as the tunes and sounds echo from one device to another, as if between different players in an orchestra. It’s a reflection of the idea of community itself - our reliance on each other in good times and tough. Most of all, thanks to the participation of the kids, it’s a herald of our future together, and all the promise that holds."

“I think it’s also reflective of a moment in history when we’re finding our way back towards each other, wanting to become more of a community and a society again,” says Dan. “This is, after all, a celebration of a city, and why do we have cities? They are places where we live together and come together in a community, and I think people are desperate right now to celebrate that.”


We're looking forward to this as the first event of many to celebrate Coventry's UK City of Culture year. To find out more about what's going on in Coventry visit our blog or take a look at the Coventry 2021 website.

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