Last of the bendy buses

Fifteen years after his grandmother took him for a ride round Coventry on a bendy bus on their first ever day of operation, National Express Coventry Master Driver Shaun Boyce was on board again. Only this time, he was driving the last ever bendy bus in service in Coventry.

He wasn’t alone during his last few trips to Walgrave Hospital and the Ricoh Arena on bus 6021 on the number 4 service. On Tuesday 20 March 2018, this normally quiet mid-week bus route was boosted by dozens of bus enthusiasts filming and photographing the whole event, on and off the bus. 

Then all the staff from National Express’ Pool Meadow garage in Coventry lined the approach road and applauded 6021 as it turned back into the depot for the very last time at 1755.

National Express Coventry acquired its fleet of bendy buses in 2003. They have now come to the end of their natural life as working buses. National Express usually runs buses in service for about 15-16 years. Then they are gradually replaced with newer - and more efficient - vehicles.

The Coventry bendy buses will eventually go for scrap.

Published 26th March 2018