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The change you've been looking for...

We now accept contactless payments for adult tickets on all of our buses!

Forget the stress of searching for change at the bus stop, simply tap with your card or your device on our reader at the front of the bus and away you go.

To get the best value fare use the same card for each journey during the day.

How much do contactless payments cost?

Single trip


Day ticket

£4.60 if travelling before 9.30am Mon-Fri
£4 if travelling after 9.30am or anytime Sat/Sun

(2 trips or more, using the same card, activates day ticket price)


How does it work?

Follow these 5 steps

1. When getting on the bus simply place your card or device on our card machine at the front of the vehicle.

2. Wait for the beep sound and the green screen will pop up.

3. No need for a ticket, just head to your seat and enjoy the ride!

4. You don't need to tap your card or device again when you exit the bus as this may charge you for another journey.

5. If you are going on more than one journey in a day make sure to use the same card so you get the best value fare.

Check your previous payments/journeys

If you want to view your previous journeys and payments made during the previous four months just enter your card details below (don't worry your card details are captured for verification purposes only and not for payment).

If you think you have been overcharged, you will be able to check exactly what we charged you for each journey, and then compare this to what appears on your bank statement. Please be aware that the date your payment appears on your bank statement will not be the same as the date you travelled, it will usually be a few days later.

I used my credit/debit card  I used my mobile device

If you have spoken to our customer service team and they have given you a transaction ID, please choose the option below.

I have a transaction ID


Frequently asked questions

For more information or any queries about our contactless payments head to our FAQs section.

Contactless FAQs

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