Emerald: Your New 22

We've made a list. We've checked it twice. And this year, the city of Dundee has been very nice. 

So our gift to you is a set of 14 brand-new Emerald buses - complete with high standards and low emissions. After a bumper year of celebrating innovation and design on our doorstep, this is the perfect way to round off 2018. Have you been on board yet? 

A Worthy Investment

We are committed to spending in Dundee what we make in Dundee. That's why the £4m price tag attached to these Scottish-built buses is an investment we are very pleased to make. The purchase of this batch of vehicles marks the first major milestone achievement of our Managing Director, Christine, who joined us in April this year. 

Across the Xplore Dundee team - our engineers, the drivers and everybody else - there's been a big effort to get these buses ready for the roads. And that time has now come. They were deployed into service on Sunday (2 December) after a public launch event in the City Square at the end of November.

Though they are being run on service 22, there is a positive effect to be felt across the network: the Emeralds have replaced 14 of the oldest buses we had in our fleet, meaning the average age of our entire fleet is now younger, and general standards just got a whole lot higher.

The Emerald Experience

These buses are named 'Emerald' to distinguish the high-spec qualities which make them extra-special additions to our fleet. Each bus comes packed with a load of modern features for you to enjoy the travel experience:

  • Free wifi so you can keep connected on the go
  • USB sockets for you to power up, free of charge
  • eLeather seats for a comfier commute
  • Extra leg room so you can kick back and relax on the ride

The Jewel in Dundee's Crown

All of the techy modcons are exciting, of course. But the most important feature that these buses bring is that they are green, inside and out. And it's the new normal for our future fleet.

Xplore Dundee backs the bid to improve air quality. By making bus travel more attractive, we can realise the vision of a city where traffic moves a little faster and the air is a lot healthier. 

Emerald will be the jewel in Dundee's crown as a cleaner, greener city - with smart-hybrid technology slashing NOx output by 95% compared to conventional diesel engines. Plus: stop-start technology eliminates idling when the vehicle is stationary, reducing emissions even further.

Go on, Get on

So, there you have it. Our Emeralds are now out and about for you to enjoy. Get out there, give them a go - and enjoy your new 22.

Published 2nd December 2018