Launch of MyXplore smart-card brand

Our transition to our new, local brand as Xplore Dundee will progress one step further in January, when we look forward to launching the MyXplore card. This smart-card will have a fresh, new look and will continue to offer the security (and the savings) of the Discovr Card. 

The benefit of this scheme is that it will soon be 80p cheaper than buying a standard paper ticket and, if your card is ever lost or damaged, we can issue a replacement with the remainder of your travel included – meaning you never lose out. If you don’t already have a smart-card, the process is easy:

• Set up at our Travel Centre

• Top up on-bus

• Turn up wherever you need to be

If you already have one, your pre-existing Discovr card will continue to be valid for topping-up – although you will be welcome to swap it (free of charge) for a more up-to-date MyXplore card.

Make your way the smart, speedy, simple way with MyXplore.

Published 13th December 2016