Student Travelcards

Dundee Student Travelcard web banner August 2013

As a student, there's always something to do or somewhere to be. Great news is, you can get your freedom in Dundee by bus with a weekly student ticket offering unlimited travel all day, every day, for seven days. From going to your lectures or to the latest student night out, travel where you need to by bus. 

The paper student weekly ticket only costs £9.50, and is available to all full or part time students, simply buy your ticket onboard direct from our driver or from our travel centre.  

Or, why not go ‘smart’ and put your student weekly pass costing only £9.00 onto a discovr or nec card when initially purchased from our travel centre and topped up 'on bus'. If you are a student attending Abertay University, Kingsway or Gardyne College you can even put your student weekly pass onto your Student Matriculation Card. 

All you need is a valid Student Matriculation card to prove that you are attending college or university.

Longer period student passes are also available from our travel shop at 92 Commercial Street, DD1 1DG

Price correct at 19th August 2013