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16-18 photocard

Get child rate tickets

If you are aged 16-18, you are entitled to child rate travel when you have a valid 16-18 photocard.

What is a 16-18 photocard?

A 16-18 photocard allows you to buy tickets at child rate.

How do I get a 16-18 photocard?

I need a 16-18 photocard and a pass: 

When you buy a pass online, we will automatically send it to you loaded onto a 16-18 photocard.

I need a 16-18 photocard but do not need a new pass:

You can order a blank 16-18 photocard here.

What tickets can I buy with my 16-18 photocard?

You can buy the following tickets with your 16-18 photocard:

  • Single & day tickets
  • 1 week & 4 week passes
  • Monthly Direct Debit subscription
  • Term Plus

Please note

Your parents must pay council tax to one of the following Metropolitan Councils to qualify - Birmingham, Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall, Wolverhampton, Solihull or Coventry.

Topping up & updating your Swift card

How do I buy tickets with my 16-18 photocard?

Topping up your card online

You can top up your existing 16-18 card online, by choosing the ticket you want and following our online order process. Once you've paid for your ticket, you will need to update your card using the Swift Collector app for this to work

Topping up at a Payzone agent

You can top up your card by taking it to a Payzone agent, who will load the ticket onto your existing 16-18 card. You cannot get a new 16-18 card from a Payzone agent.

Buying tickets on the bus

If you want to buy a ticket on the bus, you will need to show your 16-18 card and ask the driver for the ticket you want. You will then need to pay cash and take your ticket before taking your seat.

I've loaded my ticket onto my 16-18 card, what do I do now?

Once you have your ticket loaded onto your 16-18 card, simply hold the card to the reader when you board the bus until the light goes green and take a seat.

Other Swift card FAQs

How do I replace my lost 16-18 photocard?

If you have a pass loaded onto your 16-18 photocard, you can request a replacement via our webform here.  

If you do not have a valid pass on your 16-18 photocard, you can order a new card here.

I am currently on a child Direct Debit but will be turning 16, what happens next?

Don't worry, we will automatically send you a 16-18 card up to a month before your current child Swift card expires.

If you do not receive your 16-18 card 5 working days before your child Swift card expires, please contact us here.

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