Save on group travel

West Midlands

Group travel is cheaper via our mTicket app - up to 5 adults or 2 adults and up to 4 children can travel for £7 all day.

The ticket is only available via our mTicket app - search 'nxbus mticket' via the app store or via Google Play.

download the mTickets app for the cheapest day tickets
search ‘nxbus mTickets’

day mTicket all our buses

all day after 9.30am
& all day weekends
after 6pm
adults £4.50 £3.90 £3.50

group mTicket all our buses

all day after 6pm
up to 5 people together
or 2 adults + 4 children
£7 £4

Other day tickets are available from our drivers that include most other bus operators in the West Midlands County; most buses and the Midland Metro tram in the West Midlands County and most buses, the Midland Metro tram and train services in the Network West Midlands area.

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