National Express West Midlands fares changes 2017

From 2nd January 2017 we will be changing our fares. Some key points include:

We're reducing the cost of off-peak travel. A short hop (about a mile) is just £1.50. (Valid after 9.30am weekdays and any time weekends).

Our off-peak daysaver is frozen at £4. This offers unlimited bus travel after 9.30am weekdays and all day weekends. 

If you're travelling with kids, you can add a child to your £4 daysaver for just one pound, giving unlimited travel all day.

Group daysavers are also frozen at £8, and £5 after 6pm. These mean up to five people can travel together.

Every cash fare will still be cheaper when paying by Swift Pay As You Go smartcard. 

A full summary of the changes can be found below:​

Current PriceNEW PRICESwift Pay As You Go Price
West Midlands Singles
Adult Maximum Single£2.30£2.40£2.30
Off-peak Adult Short Hop£1.90REDUCED to £1.50£1.40
City Hop£1£1.50£1.40
Child Maximum Single£1.15£1.20£1.15
West Midlands Day Tickets
West Midlands Day Ticket£4.40£4.60£4.40
Adult off-peak Day Ticket£4FROZEN at £4£3.80
Child Day Ticket£3£3.10£3
Group Day Ticket£8FROZEN at £8£7.80
Group after 6pm£5FROZEN at £5£4.80
Adult West Midlands Travelcards
1 week£17£17.50N/A
Monthly Direct Debit£54.50£56.50N/A
4 week£60.50£62.50N/A
13 week£180£187.50N/A
52 week£650£678N/A
Adult Black Country Travelcards
1 week£15.30£15.70N/A
Monthly Direct Debit£47.50£49.50N/A
4 week£53£54.50N/A
13 week£159£163.50N/A
52 week£570£594N/A
Child Travelcards
Term Plus£96FROZEN at £96N/A
Monthly Direct Debit£27.50FROZEN at £27.50N/A
1 week£8.50£8.75N/A
4 week£30.25£31.25N/A
Student Bus Pass
West Midlands 1 term£155FROZEN at £155N/A
Black Country 1 term£135FROZEN at £135N/A
5 days£19FROZEN at £19N/A
10 days£38FROZEN at £38N/A
15 days£57FROZEN at £57N/A
Bus + Midland Metro
Adult Day Ticket£6.30£6.50£6.30
Adult off-peak Day Ticket£5FROZEN at £5£4.80
Child Day Ticket£4.30£4.40£4.30
Child off-peak Day Ticket£3.50FROZEN at £3.50 £3.40

Published 13th December 2016