Single trips & Daysavers

If you want to make just one journey, our single fares might be the best option for you. The fares are based upon how far you travel, so simply tell the driver your destination.

Our buses have an exact fare system and the driver cannot give change, so please make sure you have the correct money. The exact fare system ensures that loading times are kept to a minimum.

If you are making more than one bus journey in a day, you may find it easier and better value to buy a daysaver. This ticket is valid for travel all day on all National Express West Midlands and National Express Coventry local bus services on the day of purchase.

Swift PAYG - Our single and day cash fares are always cheaper when paying by Swift Pay As You Go smartcard. Click to buy or top up.

All the tickets below can be bought from our driver.

Single journey£1.50 city centre hop (within
Birmingham city centre only)
£1.50 off-peak short hop (about a mile)£1.40£1.20£1.15
£2.40 maximum single fare£2.30£1.20£1.15
Daysaver (all our buses, all day)£4.60£4.40£3.10£3
Off-peak daysaver (after 9.30 am weekdays or anytime Sat or Sun)£4£3.80£1 (with an adult off-peak daysaver)

Add kids for £1 each to the off-peak daysaver*
£4.80 + 1 child / £5.80 + 2 children / £6.80 + 3 children
Group Ticket (up to 5 people together or 2 adults + 4 children)£8£7.80
Group Ticket after 6pm (up to 5 people together or 2 adults + 4 children)£5£4.80
e-Daysavers (5, 10 or 15 daysavers)£3.80 per day

Other day tickets are available from our drivers that include most other bus operators in the West Midlands County; most buses and the Midland Metro tram service in the West Midlands County and most buses, the Midland Metro tram and train services in the Network West Midlands area.

If you're a teacher or a youth group leader in the West Midlands needing flexible local bus travel then we've got just the product for you.

Class Pass (up to 30 children &
6 adults)

*Up to 3 children aged 5-15 years. 

*Up to 3 children aged 5-15 years. 
The off-peak daysaver is valid after 9.30am weekdays or any time Saturday or Sunday. 
To see where your pass is valid, click here
Our single journey on-bus cash fares are based upon 'fare stages', your fare is calculated by the number of 'fare stages' your journey takes you through. You can view or download a copy of the faretable for all our services, here. 
Child = 5-15 years. child cash fares cannot be purchased after 10pm.