Dundee Bus Routes

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Travel Safely to School

With a new school year set to begin, we want to make sure Dundee's youngsters (and their parents) are comfortable and prepared for getting back on the bus.

Safe Travel Tips


Travelling with us

We're all on board together. Whether it’s your first time travelling with us or you’ve had a little break from public transport here’s a handy guide to help you along every step of your next bus trip. 

Coronavirus - FAQs

To help you adjust to a ‘new normal’, we’ve prepared a set of answers to frequently asked questions.

Coronavirus - Service Updates

COVID-19 Service Updates

Last Buses Home

Whether you're working a late-shift, enjoying an evening out or just heading back from visiting a friend - make sure you get home safe and sound. Below is a list...

Destination: Healthcare

No matter where you’re going: if you get there by bus, you’re choosing the active travel option. Evidence shows that using public transport leads to happier people living healthier...

Destination: Education

We run buses to every school, college & campus in Dundee. So let us take care of the school run! There's a wide range of great-value tickets for your...

Destination: Shopping

Got a spot of shopping to do? Hop on your local bus! Our network of fast, frequent services offers access to a variety of supermarkets & retail centres across...

Destination: Leisure & Pleasure

There's lots to do and see in Dundee, so hop on your local bus and discover what's on your doorstep. After all, our city has enjoyed a recent renaissance...