City Circle service 360 (Withdrawal)

Following a year-long trial period, and having assessed its performance to-date, Xplore Dundee has drafted registration documents to cancel City Circle service 360 in the autumn. Currently, this is expected to take effect from Sunday 29 September 2019 (with the last day of operation therefore being Saturday 28 September).

The service was launched last year as a brand new venture which we described as a "leap of faith"; one that was dependent on sufficient usage to sustain its operation in the long-term. Although we have initiated the early stages of the cancellation process, we will continue to monitor performance in the meantime. If there is a significant upturn in passenger numbers throughout the summer, we would be delighted to retain the service on a revised basis.

Although this trial has not been the success we had hoped, we won't be afraid to keep trying new things and to introduce innovative ways to get more people out of their cars and onto the bus in future.

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