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Getting to school is better by bus

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Getting to school is better by bus with a Term Plus pass from 70p per day with a 1 term pass. Valid all term long on all our buses for school or college as well as evenings, school holidays and weekends. Valid for 5-18 year olds*. 

Term Plus

Under 16 or 16-18 in (full time) education

Valid on all National Express West Midlands & National Express Coventry buses

1 week


Buy at agent Or Buy instore

4 weeks


Buy onlineBuy instore Or Buy at agent

One term


Buy online

Monthly Direct Debit

£28.50 for ten months, with two months free

Apply online

Add the Midland Metro tram to your Term Plus

Term Plus + Metro

Under 16 or 16-18 in (full time) education

Valid on all National Express West Midlands & National Express Coventry buses and the Metro

1 week


Buy instore

4 weeks


Buy online or instore

One term


Buy online

Monthly Direct Debit

£36.50 per month for ten months, with two months free

Apply online

Summer Term - valid 29th March - 16th August 2018 

  • To ensure delivery at the start of the month please apply online for your Term Plus by Direct Debit by the 23rd of the preceding month.
  • Direct Debit promotion - see our terms and conditions.

*16 - 18 Photocard

Term Plus is available to all young people aged 16-18 inclusive who are in full time education and live within the West Midlands County and are holders of an N-Network 16-18 photocard.

You must be under 18 on 1st September 2016. Your parents must pay Council Tax to one of the following Metropolitan Councils - Birmingham, Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall, Wolverhampton, Solihull or Coventry.

nbus passes

There is also a range of n-bus cards valid for travel on over 25 bus operators within the West Midlands County and n-network cards valid for travel on the Midland Metro, train and on all operators bus services within the West Midlands County.


All bus operators, under 16 or 16-18 in (full time) education

1 week


Buy instore

4 weeks


Buy instore

One term


Buy instore

Monthly Direct Debit

£30.90 for ten months, with two months free

Apply online


All bus operators and Midland Metro trams, under 16 or 16-18 in (full time) education

1 week


Buy instore

4 weeks


Buy online or instore

One term


Buy instore

Monthly Direct Debit

£39.50 for ten months, with two months free

Apply online

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FAQ - Term Plus bus passes

Direct Debit Payments

What is the next step once I have applied?

You will be given the opportunity to pay for your first ticket by credit / debit card so you benefit from our services within 5 days of receiving your application.

Your direct debit application will take approximately 10-15 days to process. You will receive a welcome letter confirming your details and payments timescales. Your next ticket will arrive 5 working days before the expiry of the first ticket and payment will be collected from the bank account details supplied.

Is my application accepted automatically?

A Credit Reference Agency will be asked to confirm the name, address and credit status of the person paying the Direct Debit.

When will the money be taken from my account?

The first direct debit payment from your account will be taken on the initial start day of your ticket, for instance if you selected a start date of 1st August 2013 (you will pay for this ticket by credit / debit card) your direct debit will be collected on 1st September 2013 for the subsequent ticket. This calendar date will then be the date your debit payment is made for every month that you are a member of the scheme. If this falls on a bank holiday, your payment will be taken the next working day.

Can West Midlands Travel Ltd change the amount they take out of my account?

We will only collect the authorised amount. If the amount changes, we will notify you in writing at least 10 working days in advance.

What if my ticket does not arrive in time?

If your ticket has not arrived 5 days before your current ticket expires, please contact the Direct Debit Team on 0121 254 6322 or email us at buspass@nationalexpress.com. WMT Ltd will not refund travel tickets that have been purchased as a result of tickets not arriving due to a delay in the postal service.

I already have a photocard do I still need to send in a photograph with my application?

Yes. All photographs are scanned into our system, so that if you ever lose your ID card we can send out a replacement, subject to an administration fee. You will need to either upload or send a passport sized photograph with every new application.

Can I change my ticket subscription?

Yes. One month's notice is required to make any changes to your ticket

What if I lose my ticket or it is stolen?

You can contact the Direct Debit Team on 0121 254 6322 and order a replacement ticket and / or photocard. A replacement fee of £6 for each section will be required for payment by credit / debit card.

Refunds will not be given for any additional tickets purchased.

What if I forget my ticket?

It is your responsibility to have a valid ticket with you for any journey you make. Unfortunately refunds will not be given for any tickets purchased under these circumstances.

Can I cancel my Direct Debit?

Yes. You must give at least one month's notice. You will be able to email us at buspass@nationalexpress.com .

Child Term Plus

What is the monthly deadline?

The deadline date for online applications is the 15th of the month, to start the 1st of the next month.

For postal applications it is the 10th of the month as we need to allow three weeks for processing the application.

Can I change my type of ticket?

Yes. One month's notice is required to make any changes to your ticket. You can upgrade to an nBus Term Extra.

Where do I get my photocard from?

You will automatically be sent a Photocard when you join the scheme which will expire on your 16th birthday. For those requiring a 16-18 Photocard you will be supplied with a Direct Debit 16-18 Photocard. We will require proof of full time education and will supply you with a form - this form must be endorsed by your school / college and returned to the Direct Debit team before the deadline as outlined on the form.

What if I lose my ticket or it is stolen?

Please take all reasonable steps to keep your season ticket safe. Please report any loss or theft to us immediately. You are entitled to one free replacement per academic term. A £10.00 administration fee is payable for subsequent replacements of either section of the pass, by cheque, debit or credit card.

Further replacements within any 12-month period will be at the discretion of the Direct Debit team.

How long will it take to buy the ticket?

Buying a ticket online is simple, once you have registered your account details, all subsequent purchases are straight forward taking no more than a few minutes to complete. If you are a student we require course details. Have your credit / debit card ready and a passport style photograph to upload. You can elect to send it to us by post. Please note that this may delay the fulfilment of your order.

How do I search for my ticket?

If you are unsure which product is the right one for you, use our filters to refine the list. 'REGIONAL' cards are for all our Midlands services, or if you don't need to travel throughout the region you can choose more localised products by selecting the filter required.

Once you have selected your age group and region, you will be presented with a list of the tickets available in your chosen location. Check the INFO box to view details of the tickets area of validity and any restrictions that may apply.

How much will the ticket cost?

Please see 'All Tickets & Prices' section on the website to find a full list of products and prices we offer and the best way to buy them.

What information will I need to provide?

You will be asked for the following information and it is important that this is provided in full.

Full Name
Full Address
Telephone Number
Email Address
Credit / Debit Card Information
Date of birth (for security reasons)
Colour Passport sized photograph that can be uploaded or posted to us for production of your photocard.
Students will be asked a few simple questions about their school/college or university and course details.

How do I pay?

Payment can be made using most major credit and debit cards, including Visa, Electron, Visa Debit, Mastercard, and Maestro. Unfortunately we do not accept American Express.

Payment will be processed by our payment service provider Sage who operate a secure online payment service. You may be asked for your 3D secure details if your card issuer has already asked you to assign them.

How do I know my payment has been successful?

You will be presented with a confirmation once your payment has successfully processed. You can print a copy of this for your records. Also, please check your email address you supplied at time of registration for your payment confirmation email. Once you have received this then your transaction was successful.

Is the information I supply secure?

Yes - National Express West Midlands adopt strict controls over security of all its websites. Our sites are regularly checked by security experts to ensure that they are updated for all aspects of internet security.

How do I get my photoID?

We will supply you with a photocard, free of charge. To make this process simple we have the facility for you to upload your jpg image at the time of purchase. If you cannot do this you have the option of sending the photograph to us. We will capture your photograph on your ID card. This photocard will then become your membership card so you can enjoy buying online tickets without worrying about photocards again.

Young Persons who hold a (n) 16-18 photocard issued by Centro need only supply their photoID card number (conditions apply) during the buying process.

How will I receive my ticket?

National Express West Midlands will post your ticket to the address provided using Royal Mail, first class post - from time to time we may send post first class recorded signed for delivery.

My ticket has not arrived, what should I do?

Your tickets will be despatched 5 days before the start date you have selected if it has not arrived you can contact us at buspass@nationalexpress.com.

What do I do if I lose my ticket?

See our Terms and Conditions section related to lost tickets.

I have purchased a ticket and my details have changed, what should I do?

Log in to My Account and here you can update your details. For security reasons for some changes you will need to contact us at buspass@nationalexpress.com. We are introducing new features to the My Account facility soon - please check from time to time.

Terms and conditions apply.