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Bus ticket guide: Marvellous mates dates

Helping you find the best bus ticket when travelling with friends

Published: 10th June 2022

Bus ticket guide: Marvellous mates dates 

The best bus tickets for marvellous mates dates

Wherever you’re going, when, and who with, means that there are lots of different ticket options you can choose from. With our guide and helping hand, we have narrowed down the best value tickets for those all important mates dates.

Day Saver - unlimited travel all day!

Adult single and day tickets are available to buy on our mTicket app or a Swift card before you travel. Buy on the day using contactless or cash on the bus (exact change please - our bus drivers are unable to give change for notes or incorrect amounts!)

Travelling one way? For a single trip on our buses, one way, pay only £2.40.

Travelling on our buses more than once? Get unlimited travel for the whole day with our £4 Day Saver.

Group Day Saver - for dates that have a few extra plus ones!

A group Day Saver is available for up to 5 people travelling together. Tickets can be purchased on the mTicket app or on the bus with cash. 

Travelling all day or during peak hours? A group ticket for all day is just £7.

Travelling after 6pm? A group ticket after 6pm is just £4.

Add an adult for £2

If you have a travelcard or buy a West Midlands Day Saver on the bus, you can add an extra adult to travel with you for just £2. A great perk for anyone who already has a bus pass, and is travelling with another adult.

This offer is valid all day Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays. This add-on ticket can only be purchased on the bus with cash. 


If you are looking for a little inspiration for days out by bus, don’t forget to check out our other blogs and our offers page, which feature some discounted attractions that you can visit when you travel by bus around the West Midlands.

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