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How bus travel can transform your New Year's goals

2024 has arrived and with that some of you may have given yourself a new year resolution or two?

Published: 9th January 2024

How bus travel can transform your New Year's goals

2024 has arrived and with that some of you may have given yourself a new year resolution or two? If you're brainstorming ways to kick those resolutions into high gear, we've got a game-changer for you: bus travel. Yep, you heard it right! Buckle up as we dive into why hopping on a bus might just be the secret to making 2024 your year of epic wins.

1. Healthy habits on the move

New Years Resolutions

Ready to crush that fitness goal? If you’re looking to get fitter this year then forget the boring gym routine! Jump on a bus and turn your journey into a moving workout. From getting your steps in with a walk to your bus stop to taking pit stops as your chance to stretch those limbs and explore new spots in the West Midlands. Bus travel isn't just a ride; it's a full-body experience!

2. Expand your horizons

If your resolution is all about getting out and about more, buses are the ultimate explorers' chariot. From Cannock to Kenilworth our buses travel all across the West Midlands so you can explore more in 2024 when jumping on one. Check out our operating area map to see just how much you can discover in the West Midlands this year!

3. Cash in your pocket for real adventures

New Years Resolutions

If your resolution involves saving money, bus journeys are the budget-friendly way to go. You can allocate more of your budget towards experiences and activities at your destination rather than hefty petrol or taxi costs. It's a savvy way to make your money go further, allowing you to indulge in the experiences that matter most to you. Check out our great value ticket options here and start saving!

4. Connect with others

Building connections is on your to-do list? Our bus network allows people to connect across the West Midlands from visiting friends and family for less to heading on days out together. Buses are also like social hubs on wheels. Strike up a conversation with your seatmate; you might just find a fellow traveller with the same interests or a funny story to share.

5. Embrace a greener lifestyle

New Years Resolutions

With increasing environmental awareness, more people are resolving to adopt eco-friendly habits. Bus travel is the perfect sustainable travel choice. If everyone in the UK switched just one car journey a month to bus, there would be a billion fewer car journeys and a saving of 2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

We also have a fleet of zero emission buses and plan for our UK bus fleet to be fully zero emission by 2030! Find out more here.


So, as you pen down those resolutions, consider adding bus travel to your game plan. It's not just about getting from A to B; it's about turning the journey into an adventure. Get ready for a year of non-stop awesomeness, where resolutions meet road trips, and each bus ride is a ticket to a life well-lived. Let the good times roll!

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