Black Country Service Changes from Sunday 23rd April 2017

From Sunday 23rd April 2017 we have the following service changes in the Black Country area -  

Servcies 48 & 48A: West Bromwich to Bearwood and Northfield

  • New service 48A will run between West Bromwich and Bearwood, replacing part of the 50A and 50C.
  • The 48A will serve St. Paul’s Road, Holly Lane, Salop Road, Bristnall Hall Road, George Road, Abbey Road, Three Shires Oak Road and Bearwood Road.
  • More buses will run between West Bromwich and Bearwood. Buses on the 48 & 48A will now run up to every 15 minutes.
  • The 48 will continue to extend to Harborne, Q.E. Hospital and Northfield up to every 30 minutes.

Services 50A & 50C: West Bromwich to Bearwood

  • The 50A & 50C will be withdrawn and replaced as below.
  • New service 48A will replace the 50A & 50C between Bearwood, Bristnall Fields (Salop Road & Bristnall Hall Road) and West Bromwich.
  • The 89 will be changed to replace the 50A & 50C between Londonderry and West Bromwich and between Rolfe Street, Brasshouse Lane, Dartmouth Road, Kenrick Park and West Bromwich.
  • New service 80A will replace the 50A & 50C between Cape Hill, Windmill Lane, Price Street, Crockett’s Lane and West Bromwich.
  • Along Bearwood Road, the 82 will continue to operate every 10 minutes. Connections can be made at Cape Hill to the 80 & 80A for onward travel to West Bromwich or to the 80, 80A or 87 for travel to Smethwick.

Services 62, 62A - Wolverhampton to Compton

  • Revised route in Wolverhampton City Centre. Buses will now operate a one way loop along Wolverhampton Ring Road, Stafford Street, Lichfield Street and Waterloo Road.
  • Wolverhampton Bus Station will no longer be served.
  • Minor timetable changes to reflect the above changes.

Services 80, 80A - West Bromwich to Birmingham

  • New service 80A will be introduced to replace the 83.
  • The 80A will run to the same route as the 80 between Birmingham and Cape Hill (via Five Ways, Icknield Port Road, City Road, Portland Road and Shireland Road). From Cape Hill, the 80A will serve Windmill Lane, Price Street, Crockett's Lane, Smethwick High Street, Oldbury Road and then continue to West Bromwich along the 80 route. 
  • The route of the 80 will be slightly changed to include Devonshire Road.
  • The frequency of buses between the 80 and 80A will be increased to every 10 minutes.

Service 83 - Birmingham to West Bromwich

  • The 83 will be withdrawn and mostly replaced by new service 80A, running between Birmingham, Five Ways, Cape Hill, Smethwick and West Bromwich.
  • The 80A will run up to every 20 minutes, meaning more buses for customers between Windmill Lane and Birmingham.
  • Between Kenrick Park and West Bromwich, service 89 will provide a replacement.
  • Devonshire Road will be covered by a change to service 80.

Services 82, 87 - Bearwood / Dudley to Birmingham 

  • Minor timetable changes. 

Service 89 - Birmingham to West Bromwich

  • The 89 will now run to West Bromwich rather than to Oldbury or Blackheath.
  • The route between Birmingham and Smethwick (Stony Lane) will remain unchanged. From Stony Lane, the 89 will serve Rolfe Street, Brasshouse Lane, Dartmouth Road, Kenrick Park and West Bromwich.
  • New service 120A will replace the 89 between Oldbury and Blackheath.
  • Customers travelling between Oldbury and Smethwick can continue to use service 87. 
  • Customers travelling between Oldbury or Birmingham and Rood End can use services 120, 120A or 128.

Service 99 - Birmingham to Halesowen

  • The 99 will be withdrawn and replaced by the extended 244 between Halesowen and Q.E. Hospital and by the revised X64 between Birmingham City Centre and Q.E. Hospital.

Services 120, 120A - Birmingham to Dudley / Blackheath

  • Buses will continue to run up to every 10 minutes between Birmingham and Oldbury.
  • Between Birmingham and Oldbury, the frequency of buses on Sunday daytimes will be increased to up to every 20 minutes.
  • NEW service 120A will replace the 89 between Blackheath, Lion Farm and Oldbury. The 120A will run to the same route as the current 89 between Blackheath and Oldbury and then continue through to Birmingham along the current 120 route.
  • The 120 will continue to run between Birmingham, Oldbury and Dudley every 20 minutes.
  • The frequency of buses between Blackheath, Lion Farm, Oldbury and Birmingham will be increased from up to every 30 minutes to up to every 20 minutes on the new 120A. 
  • Journey times to Birmingham for customers will be reduced, as the 120A takes a more direct route to Birmingham than the 89.

Service 121 - West Bromwich to Dudley

  • Minor timetable changes.

Service 126 - Wolverhampton to Birmingham

  • Buses will be rerouted in Birmingham City Centre to serve Brunel Street and Hill Street on journeys towards Birmingham. Buses will continue to operate to and from the markets.
  • The route will be changed in Wolverhampton City Centre on journeys from Wolverhampton to operate directly from Wolverhampton Bus Station to Birmingham Road via Piper's Row, St. George's Parade and Snow Hill. Lichfield Street, Victoria Street and Cleveland Street will no longer be served.
  • Times will be changed to reflect expected changes in traffic levels as a result of the Highways England roadworks on the M5 from April 2017.

Services 127, 128, 129 - Dudley / Oldbury / Merry Hill to Birmingham

  • Minor timetable changes. 

Service 244 - Q.E. Hospital to Dudley

  •  Buses will extend from Halesowen to the QE Hospital up to every 30 minutes, replacing part of service 99.

Service 289 - West Bromwich to Merry Hill

  • Minor timetable changes. 

Service 529 - Wolverhampton to Walsall

  • Minor timetable changes. 

Service 703 - St Thomas More School to New Invention, Fletcher Road

  • Minor timetable changes to afternoon journeys. 

Associated Routes

80 82 87 89 120 126 127 128 244 529 703 121 129 289 48 83 50A 50A 62A 62