Platinum services get the X Factor

From Sunday 4th December we are changing the numbers of several of our Platinum bus routes to begin with the letter "X". This change is to make clear that these buses are limited stop for part of their route. The change affects the route numbers only - the timetables and routes remain the same (except the X1). 

In addition to the new "X" service numbers, we are also introducing brand new Platinum buses for our Bristol Road customers, on the X61 (currently 61) starting from 4th December 2016. 

61 will become X61 - Platinum buses arriving on 4th December

900 will become X1 - will be extended to serve Birmingham Business Park. 

902 will become X3

904 will become X4

905 will become X5

914 will become X14

957 will become X2

Associated Routes

61 x1 x3 x4 X5 X14 X2