Spend less, enjoy more…Why not get into the habit of leaving the car at home and commuting to work by bus? If you drive in to work and pay for parking, one of our travelcards could help you save over £19 a week on parking fees, as well as giving you more me time to do the things you enjoy. Our travelcards give you unlimited travel on all our buses, in your chosen area of the West Midlands and tram travel with the Metro add on. 

Have you ever thought about how the costs of fuel, parking, and wear and tear mount up over the year when you commute to work by car? Try our calculator below to see if you can save by taking the bus to work.

See how much you could save

But don't forget, we haven't included the standing costs of owning a car such as purchase or lease costs, insurance and road tax - these are typically hundreds of pounds per year, so you could still save if you give up your car!

How do we calculate these figures?  Click here to make your saving

Choose the best ticket for you

Whether you're a frequent or occasional traveller we've got the best ticket, so you can spend less and enjoy more of the things you enjoy.

Monthly Direct Debit

4 week

West Midlands

Unlimited travel on all our buses in Birmingham, Black Country & Coventry





West Midlands + Metro

Unlimited travel on all our buses in Birmingham, Black Country & Coventry and the Midland Metro





Black Country

Unlimited travel on all our buses in the Black Country area





Traveling less often?

West Midlands 5 day e-Daysaver

great for part time workers and occasional travel on all our buses in Birmingham, Black Country & Coventry 



View our operating area map to check where your chosen travelcard is valid. 

A West Midlands Travelcard costs from under £2 per day when paid by Direct Debit over 12 months. A Black Country Travelcard costs from under £1.70 per day when paid by Direct Debit over 12 months and a West Midlands + Metro travelcard costs from under £2.50 per day when paid by Direct Debit over 12 months. 

Journey planner

Getting from A to B by bus is easier than you may think, with a range of tools to help you on your travels, commuting by bus has never been easier. You can use the journey planner below to find out which bus service you need to get you to your destination, as well as find out information on which bus stops to use, timetables and journey times. Plan your journey using National Express West Midlands buses, here

If you've got a smartphone you can even find out when your next bus is due with our handy app for Android and iphone

How you save

Save around £6.40 per day on parking with a West Midlands monthly Direct Debit Travelcard

We’ve looked at the cost of parking in Birmingham city centre (below) and found that on average it costs £6.40 for a day’s parking. That works out at £32 for a five day week, £19.40 more than our West Midlands direct debit bus pass which comes in under £2 per day.

How our savings calculator works

Parking is one thing, but there’s also the cost of both fuel and wear and tear of the drive to work itself. Our calculator works out the cost of the commute based on some typical motoring costs.

We work out the cost of fuel assuming £1.12/litre (source: AA quoted averages, July 2016), and 28.225 mpg average urban fuel economy (source: www.fuel-economy.co.uk). This works out at 18p/mile for the cost of fuel.

We also allow for wear and tear on the car as follows. 1.57p/mile for tyres, 2.07p/mile for service labour costs, and 2.39p/mile for replacement parts (source: AA running cost tables for a petrol car worth £13,000-18,000 when new).

You’ve told us how far it is to work and how often you travel per week, and what you pay in parking. That’s enough to work out the cost per week of your commute. We assume you work 47 weeks per year to derive an annual cost of your commute by car, and compare this to the £678 cost of our annual direct debit bus pass.

And remember, you’d save even more if you gave up your car altogether and avoided the purchase / depreciation costs or lease charges, and the road tax and insurance…