Tickets & prices

Single trips & Day tickets

If you want to make just one journey, oursingle fares might be the best option for you. The fares are based upon how far you travel, so simply tell the driver your destination. If you are making more than one bus journey in a day, you may find it easier and better value to buy a day ticket.

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Sandwell & Dudley Ticket Zone

We've introduced a new Sandwell & Dudley ticket zone with cheaper fares so you can stay local and pay local prices. 

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Adult bus passes & travelcards

Spend less, enjoy more…Why not get into the habit of leaving the car at home and commuting to work by bus.

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Under 18 bus passes - Term Plus

Our Term Plus bus pass offers unbeatable value, with unlimited bus trave; from under £5.50 a week. You can use it every day, including evenings, weekends & school holidays...

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Student Bus Pass

Student bus passes for the Spring term are available to buy online or from our travelshops and selected agents. 

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Seniors Travel Free

Get free bus travel across the West Midlands and beyond with your Older Person's Travel Pass.

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