Changes to Services 42 & 43

From Sunday 19th August 2018, National Express and Diamond Bus will work together with Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) to provide a new joint timetable on the 42 & 43 services, which will carry the new West Midlands Bus branding. 

All National Express daysaver tickets and travelcards will be valid for use and can be sold on any 42, 43 or 43A bus, including those run by Diamond.

National Express will also be selling Diamond’s £2.80 Diamond value day ticket, to be used on routes 42, 43 & 43A, and other Diamond value services.

So simply catch the first bus that comes along!

If you will be using contactless payments on National Express services, please be aware that you will only be able to use National Express buses, as our contactless payments function differently.  

When using contactless to purchase day tickets on Diamond services, you will be issued with a ticket that can be used across both operators 42 & 43 services – singles are only valid on a single journey and cannot be transferred.

Should you tap your contactless card or mobile device on both operators, please be aware that you will be charged twice.

Service Timetable:

42 / 43  /43A Service Timetable from 19th August 2018

Route Map

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Associated Routes

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