QE Hospital & Birmingham Women's Hospital

Getting to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Birmingham Women's Hospital is simple when you travel by bus. 

Both hospitals are located in Edgbaston, close to the University of Birmingham which is served by a number of bus routes. 

You can view or download a map detailing how to get there by bus. 


Our services serve the following stops near the hospitals:

  • Services 1A4876 & 19 serve QE's main entrance, a short walk from Birmingham Women's Hospital.
  • Services 48X20X21 & X22 stop on Vincent Drive, opposite University train station, a short walk (approx. 0.2m) from QE's main entrance. 
  • Services 11A & 11C stop on Harborne Park Road.
  • Service 27 stops on Harborne Park Road (buses towards Harborne) and Metchley Lane (buses towards Maypole).
  • Services 61 & 63 stop on Bristol Road, about 15 minutes walk from the hospitals, through the University of Birmingham campus.



Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Mindelsohn Way, Birmingham, B15 2WB

Birmingham Women's Hospital, Mindelsohn Way, Birmingham, B15 2TG

Associated Routes

11A 11C 27 63 76 19 48 1A 61 X20 X21 X22