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Exclusive Patient Offer: 25% off travel to Royal Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust

25% off Day Savers

With the rising costs of living, fuel, car parking and other charges the bus is a cheaper and greener alternative to the car. To make it even more cost effective we're offering 25% off our Day Saver Tickets for patients and visitors to the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust. 

Royal Orthopaedic Hospital NHS TRUST OFFER

25% off Day Savers until 31st December 2024*

Purchase your discounted Day Saver here


Offer valid from 31st March 2023 until 31st December 2024*


Guide to buying a ticket, planning your route and using the bus

  Step 1

  • Download the NXBus
    mTicket app and create your

  • Select ‘Purchase your
    discounted Day Saver here

  • Create an account, using
    same email address used to
    register on the NXBus
    mTicket app

    Ticket must be used within
    48 hours of Purchase

  Step 2

  • Select ‘Ticket Delivery Method’ Box

  • Select ‘Send ticket to my mobile’ (The box must be green to continue)

  • Provide mobile email address & number (ensure the email address entered is the same email address used to create your mobile app and mobile number)

  • Review order details & Tick ‘Terms and Conditions

  • Complete Payment section (Select card type, enter details).

  • Once payment is processed you will receive an order confirmation email

  Step 3

  • Your ticket will now be available in
    the ticket wallet on your NXBus
    mTicket app (refresh ticket wallet)

  • Find your route on the journey

  • Show the ticket pass on your phone
    to the bus driver as you board the

    Ticket must be used within 48
    hours of Purchase


Not only are you saving money but you're also saving the environment too! Did you know travelling by bus can save 45% emissions compared to cars? 

You can save 300kg of CO2 per year by commuting 10km/6.2 miles (20km/12.4 miles round trip) by bus compared to car.


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