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Short Hop

Hop on our buses and travel around a mile for just £1.50

Buy a short hop ticket on the bus for just £1.50!

Hop on our brill buses and travel around a mile for just £1.50. The short hop ticket is available across our network (excluding Coventry).

How do I buy it?

On the bus! Buy your ticket from the driver on the bus with cash, or pay with your Pay As You Go Swift card. The short hop ticket is available to buy at any time of the day too! 

Your ticket will print the last stop location, which is where you will need to get off the bus.

This ticket is not available to buy with contactless.

Terms and conditions

  • Buy on the bus with cash or Pay As You Go Swift card only

  • You must be over 16 to buy this type of ticket

  • Each ticket can only be used for a single journey of about 1 mile

  • The ticket holder is responsible for getting off the bus at the correct location (the last stop location will be printed on the ticket as displayed) Failure to comply may result in a standard fare charge being issued

  • No refunds can be provided

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